The first year Jim saw the pumpkin carving kits was in 1997 when he was sharing an apartment with his brother, Matt. On Halloween eve, they each carved a pumpkin and were so impressed with how well they came out, they went back to the store and bought 18 more pumpkins so that they could use all the patterns in the books. They carved all through the night, turning off the lights each time they finished another pumpkin to ooh and aah at the latest carving. On Halloween morning, they wondered what they were going to do with all those pumpkins because no one would see them in an apartment complex. So, Jim had an idea and they set out to deliver a different pumpkin to each of the different players on the little league team that Jim had coached earlier in the year. Seeing the eyes of the kids light up when they saw their pumpkin hooked Jim and he has been carving ever since.

When Jim and Pam married in 2001, they found a Halloween fan in each other. Jim does most of the carving and yard decor and Pam does most of the porch, interior decor, costume design and food preparation, but they help each other out as necessary. This picture is Jim and Pam back in 2002 when they were using the old poke the dots method to carve a couple of pumpkins.

Even though he has not a speck of artistic skill, Jim carves about 20 pumpkins each year. He has patience, a steady hand and a driving fire to impress the people that come to the door. In 2010, when life did not allow them the time to carve pumpkins or decorate the house, nearly every single trick-or-treater asked, "Isn't this the Halloween house?" or "Where are the pumpkins?" They could not take the pressure and will not ever do that again.

Over the years, Jim has grown bored with carving the really easy patterns. Because he only likes the more difficult ones, he finds that he does not like the 1 to 2 hours it takes him to tape down the pattern, poke the dots, peel back the paper and redraw the pattern by connecting the dots. He says that his fingers cramp up and it is boring.

In the summer of 2011, he had the classic lightbulb moment when he wondered if you could put a carving pattern on a pumpkin with the use of a temporary tattoo. So he bought a small tattoo and a honeydew melon and tried. He used a honeydew melon because it was summer and pumpkins were not available. Eureka! It worked!

Yet because pumpkins are large and the pattern tattoos would need to be large as well, there were significant problems. So he experimented with ratios of ink, amounts of glue, the ratios of each, and perfected the process to apply such a large tattoo on a 3D curved and rough surface. When he realized that he was onto something, he applied for a patent. The end result is Pumpkin WoW, a company that is committed to providing tools, not toys, for people who want to be amazing pumpkin carvers even though they don't have a speck of artistic skill.

Using our temporary tattoos, you can transfer a design onto a pumpkin in just minutes and start carving, and it is transferred perfectly with the detail of the original artwork still intact.

We hope you like our patterns, our tattoos and our passion for all things Halloween. Enjoy.

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